Vallemar Overview

Grades K-8

Principal: Barbara Ng

23 Teachers

560 Students

About Our School

Vallemar is a K-8 school in Pacifica with a rigorous program focused on academics.  We are proud of our historically high test scores and that the majority of our students continue on to colleges and universities.  The classroom experience is challenging.  Classes are taught by excellent teachers who create an envrionment that encourages students to excel.  A buddy program among upper and lower grade levels encourages partnerships throughout the school and a sense of family among students.

The maximum class size is 20 students in grade K-3 and 32 students in grades 4-8.

Vallemar has a modern library and computer lab and also uses a variety of technology as learning tools in the classrooms.  In addition, students at Vallemar are given the opportunity to participate in the Instrumental Music Program- funded by the Rob Schnieder Music Foundation.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Frequent communication exists between parents and staff both in person, by phone, and by email.  The recent addition of Snapgrades for middle school student allows families to access information about grades, homework, and assignments by going online.  Progress reports, report cards, and parent teacher conferences keep parents up to date on student progress throughout the year.  School and parent communication, as well as single grade classes, help our students excel.

Above and Beyond at Vallemar

Students are regularly recongnized for good citizenship, receiving praise, certificates, and awards.  Achievements in both academic and citizenship are recognized formally each repord card oeriodm awarding students a place on the Honor Roll or Merit Roll.  Lists are proudly displayed in the office.

Science is very important at Vallemar, as evidenced by our recent recognition as a J. Russell Kent Award Winner for our unique Calera Creek Education Program.  Fifth grade students enjoy one week of experiential learning at Outdoor Education and Sixth grade students learn about the environment and sustainable living during a one week program at Camp Arroyo.

The curriculum is enriched by a variety of extracurricular activies such as science, music, art, drama, Spanish, Mandarin, yearbook, and homework club.  Vallemar is fortunate to have artists, musicians, and other professionals in their fields teach these activities to our students.  GATE and remediation programs are available to students at our school. 

Student council is also important at Vallemar.  In student council, our middle school students take on a leadership role in the school, organizing and working on school-wide activities and events.  Student council helps organize food drives, school spirit days, character-building activities, and more.    

There is a strong partnership between staff and parents at Vallemar School.  Each year the the staff and PTO work together to  help raise money for valuable programs and school needs.  Students, guided by Vallemar's outstanding faculty and dedicated families, explore and learn about the world around them and are supported in their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. 

For further information, please call the school office at 650-738-6655.